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Popular questions

What is a CMS?

A CMS is a content management system, which is used to manage the process of creation and modification of digital content

What engine does the site use?

Allzap CMS is a proprietary software, a licensed content management system, a highly specialized solution that accounts for the special features of the automotive aftermarket.

What URL address will my site have?

You can choose your own domain name or contact our manager for help. You can check available domains on the website of any registrar, for example - imena.ua, ukrnames.com, etc.

Will I be able to host the site on my server?

The web hosting cost is included in the cost of use of Allzap CMS!

A highly efficient system operation requires an entire package of software written in a low-level programming language by the Allzap team. Our servers are a highly intelligent solution consisting of synthesis of SQL and NoSQL technologies and dozens of narrow-focus services. The work of each server is maintained and supported by qualified specialists, so we can guarantee the correct and uninterrupted operation of your online store 24/7 at any loads.

Imagine that you have already adjusted your servers and set up a website. Here comes the time to upgrade or you decide to install an additional module. You invite a programmer who does something, and you pay for his work. At the same time, you cannot control the quality of this work because it requires a professional qualification. Considering that the invited programmer is not a full-time employee, he will not be able to support the site all the time, and sooner or later you will invite the next specialist. As a result, even the most experienced programmer will not be able to understand the cobwebs of the code and your site will be hopelessly flawed.

Therefore, transferring a website to another place is inadvisable, but we are ready to discuss the operation of our system on your server, so feel free to call us!

Will my site be immediately promoted in Google and Yandex?

The SEO module available in the basic version of Allzap CMS will be able to provide a massive optimization of web pages for receiving traffic on low-frequency queries. You will have to use professional services to achieve higher results. We provide SEO promotion services.

What do you offer for SEO promotion?

The SEO services pack implies internal optimization and work with external ranking factors. Read more about SEO for an online aftermarket parts and accessories store in the corresponding section.

How can I promote the site?

You can use all types of online advertising available in any of the search engines: contextual (search, thematic, media, targeted), advertising on social networks, on third-party websites, etc.

There is also a function of automatic generation of price lists for placement on portals and price comparison websites, such as hotline.ua, zzap.com.ua, avto.pro, etc.

Placement of the product range on allzap.ua occurs automatically.

What will I get for 550 UAH per month? Why do you offer such a low price?

The price includes rental cost of the server and CMS Allzap, free regular updates, domain payments and placement of your product range on the portal allzap.ua

Conventionally, the costs of websites maintenance are divided between all CMS users. This approach offers additional benefits: we are focused on the continuous improvement and development of a single product, and payment for this comes from several clients.

How many price lists can I download? Are there any limits for the number of products in the price lists?

The number of downloadable price lists is not limited at all, as is the number of markup templates by suppliers.

The number of products is not limited either.

If you want to download 100 million products, we do not mind :)

What is the difference between your service and a portal?

We offer a full-fledged online store. In contrast to an account on a portal, the website will allow you to attract customers through online advertising, search engine promotion, email marketing, SMM, etc.

Read more about this in the article “How to sell on the Internet with maximum efficiency?“

Can I use an individual design of my website?

Sure. We provide services for the creation and subsequent implementation of your unique design on the website. 

Are there any guarantees that you will not disappear?

Yes, there are. We conclude a formal agreement on the provision of services.

Allzap CMS is a registered licensed software product. Allpzap LLC is a legal entity. We have been working in the field of creating aftermarket parts and accessories stores for more than seven years. We value our reputation and customer confidence, so the question becomes irrelevant after several months of cooperation.

How can I develop the website functionality?

Any software improvements are possible, i.e. connection of suppliers by API, integration of payment and information systems, accounting programs, etc.

CMS Allzap is a very flexible solution, so we may safely say that nothing is impossible!

The cost of improvements is calculated individually.

How does technical support work?

A manager is assigned to each client, and the clients can ask this manager any questions regarding the work of the site. We also take responsibility for the flawless operation of the resource.