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Brand adjustment: how to find and edit twin brands from your price lists

Suppliers' price lists are not intended for the eyes of ordinary people: they often contain names that are understandable only to experienced auto parts sellers. So that your customers do not waste time solving puzzles about the manufacturer of auto parts, you can and should adjust the brands after each update of the price lists.

Important! If you DO NOT adjust brands:

How to adjust brands correctly?

1. After downloading the price lists, go to the Autocatalog — Brands — Brand adjustment:

step 1

2. Select the brand that needs to be adjusted:

step 2

3. Go to the “TecDoc Analogs” tab. Using the alphabetical index and the Ctrl+F key combination, we find the correct spelling:

step 3

4. Copy the correct brand name and return to the “Brand Adjustment” tab. and paste the value into the empty field. Click the “Save” button:

step 4

5. To hide brands that are not subject to adjustment, click the “Hide” button

6. To delete an adjustment, click the “Delete” button

7. To change the value in the right field, enter the correct option and click the “Save” button again:

step 5

Keep your adjustments in order to make it easier for you and your online store customers to find the right spare part or its equivalent!