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HTTPS for a parts website: what is it and why is it needed?

What is this? HTTPS – cryptographic data transfer protocol, the main task of which is – Encryption ensures the security and confidentiality of data exchange between the server and the client, that is, the site and the device used to access the Internet.

How does it work? Security is achieved through authentication and encryption using the SSL/TLS protocol. When a new connection is created using HTTPS, a random secret key is generated, which is known only to the server and the user's computer. Fraudsters will not be able to pick up this key – it consists of over 100 characters. An additional layer of protection – a digital certificate that is required to identify the server.

Who needs it? An SSL certificate will be useful for any site that collects and processes personal data. The transition to HTTPS is especially relevant for online stores, since in the process of placing an order, the user registers on the site, makes a payment or leaves contact information.

Why is this needed? HTTPS prevents data theft by intruders, increases user confidence in the site, and increases the chances of success in SEO promotion.

Is this required? No, but it is recommended

What happens if you don't use it? If you don't use HTTPS, most likely:

  • The traffic to the site will decrease;
  • Behavioral factors will worsen;
  • The user's trust in the online store will decrease;
  • The site will lose positions in the search;
  • The number of orders will decrease, the online store will start to lose profit.


In January 2017, Google announced that the Google Chrome browser began marking as insecure pages that do not use the HTTPS protocol.

Users who want to visit the site from a PC receive this message:

PC message

And for mobile Google has prepared this notification:

message for mobile

According to w3schools.com statistics, the popularity of Google Chrome is growing exponentially, which means that some potential customers simply will not be able to visit your site, even if it is in the TOP of search results.< /p>

browser popularity

HTTPS for user

Large sites, portals and services, visiting which the user performs certain actions - registration, payment, placing an order - have long used a secure connection type.

https example

This greatly increases the level of user confidence in the resource and guarantees the security of data transfer. Research on the subject is mixed, with some arguing that users happily ignore the lack of a secure connection. However, such a statement is debatable, for example, Google Chrome users simply cannot get to the pages of potentially unsafe sites.

HTTPS for site owner

Do not think that a little-known site with 200-500 users is not of interest to attackers. On the contrary, such projects become victims of scammers much more often than large market players who have long protected themselves from possible data interception.

But this is far from the main reason that makes the owner of parts site switch to HTTPS. More significant factors from the point of view of the entrepreneur are the loss of traffic and the decrease in the number of orders.

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