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Russian warship, get the fuck out!
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Are you ready to leave after the Russian ship? Or why you should not use Russian software

Every day we admire the exploits of ZSU and try to make our contribution to the fight against the occupier: some of us became a volunteer, some joined the defense, some became a volunteer, and some found themselves in the cyber-troops. But we must not forget about the economy of our country, which largely depends on whether we will work. This idea was expressed by Presidential Adviser Alexei Arestovich in his address to the people. And we completely agree with her: the best thing we can do for our country — back to work.

A perfectly logical question arises — how to work?

arrestovich said to work

Russian software, fuck you!

Many people, including us, have previously used software products that have, if not Russian/Belarusian roots, then at least a Russian trace. This software should be avoided! The Ukrainian service Opendatabot together with Netpeak created a list of hostile software with an alternative from Ukrainian and Western developers. In this list you can easily find an alternative to CRM, accounting and accounting programs, mailing services, etc. Many of the services on this list have prepared for the — there will be no problems with the transfer. As for the engine that your site is running on, changing it is not so easy. Below is a list of Russian and Belarusian platforms/CMS that every self-respecting auto parts seller should refuse:

  • TradeSoft (Web AutoResource)
  • ABCP
  • ZapScript
  • ZapTrade
  • Docpart
  • Zap shop
  • new.by
  • tecdoconline


If you want to get back to work quickly and without problems, use ready-made solutions.

rob Ukrainian

Allzap CMS – licensed Ukrainian software for creating a fully functional online auto parts store. We are ready to launch the site [for our own] without limiting functionality absolutely free of charge. Fill out the form to get access to your store within a minute.

Why you need to abandon enemy software

Each hryvnia paid in favor of the Russian Federation — it is the weapon with which they kill us.

"Business outside politics", "we don't like Putin", "we are against the regime" and other nonsense that Russians love to carry, — no arguments in this war. The Russian counterparty, receiving your money, pays taxes to the budget of the Russian Federation, from which the war is financed. Ponder — you are not buying Russian software, you are buying missiles, shells, bombs, tanks, planes that destroy cities and destinies, take lives and future from us, our children, our soldiers and volunteers.


Don't support the occupier, think about the future of your family, your country and your people.

If this is not an argument for you, read on!

Each DDoS attack can be your last

It's hard to find a person who hasn't heard about our glorious Cyber ​​Troops today. IT-specialists from Ukraine and around the world have united on the virtual front with a common goal — to convey the truth and turn the life of Russian fascists into hell. If you read the news, you probably know — our fighters are doing an excellent job. You should not add work to them in the form of your site running on a Russian platform, Russian servers, Russian ip-address. Most likely, you will have to forget about stable work, as well as about Ukrainian clients, who definitely will not want to sponsor terrorists.

then we're coming to you

Cooperation with rf — crime at the legislative level

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed laws criminalizing cooperation with Russia. The law provides for punishment of up to 15 years in prison for cooperation with the aggressor state and its occupation administration or its military or paramilitary formations in the military, political, informational, administrative, economic and labor spheres. 

Three times think what is more important to you — remain loyal to Ukraine or cooperate with the aggressor country by sponsoring the killing of civilians and the destruction of our cities!

We believe in victory! Glory to Ukraine!

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