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Receive - sign: how to arrange payment and delivery?

In one of the first articles, we talked about the importance of the terms of payment and delivery set out on the site. It's up to the small – it remains to fulfill its obligations to the buyer and find in his face a permanent customer.


Among Ukrainian buyers, popular payment options – cash to the courier or cash on delivery. 70% of your customers will prefer one of these methods, but you should not make hasty conclusions and refuse from cashless payments, prepayment to a card, online payments through payment services. The same «clearing settlement» can become your competitive advantage when servicing large car services and small service stations. The more payment options you offer, the higher the likelihood that an Internet user will become your client. Relentless statistics say that 59% of buyers will refuse a purchase if they do not see a payment method that is convenient for them.

It happens that the client does not pay for the agreed order for a long time. You can politely remind him of the need to pay by sending the details again by SMS, thereby showing concern. If the purchase is not paid for within seven days, it is unlikely that it will ever become a purchase. Dont be upset! Add the failed client's email address to your email database and periodically send information about discounts, new products, sales and other amenities. Main – don't overdo it :-)


The notion that every customer wants to receive the goods on the day of the order is erroneous – only 26% of them. The remaining 76% of those surveyed by ServiceGroup are ready to receive and pay for the goods in 1-3 days.

Surely, third-party companies carry out the delivery of your goods. In a conversation with a client, you should have discussed not only which courier service the package will be sent to, but also warn that you cannot influence the work of the transport company in any way. It's a good idea to make a list of trusted carriers and recommend them to your customers. Each of the logistics companies has its own website with information about warehouses, so you could recommend to the client the branch closest to his location.

Do not rush to pack the goods and prepare them for shipment. Put a bright business card with contact information in the package. Also on the business card, you can indicate a small amount of discount on the next purchase. This doubles the number of repeat orders!

You should not save on printing services and change a strong cardboard card for a piece of xerox paper (even color). Printing full-fledged colorful business cards is unlikely to cost you more than 200-300 UAH per 1000 pieces.

It would seem, that's all! But sending the goods is far from the last stage of order processing. The client must pick up the parcel and pay for the purchase if the cash on delivery service is provided. But even that is not the end! About  how to make a positive impression of the company, collect dozens of reviews and make a customer permanent we We will tell you in the next article!

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