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From 0 to 4,000 users per month: SEO case of a young online auto parts store

It usually takes at least 8-9 months from the creation of an online auto parts store to the receipt of the first commercial result. Such a period of time, on average, is necessary for the implementation of the recommendations of an SEO specialist. However, using Allzap CMS 2.0 - a turnkey solution for selling spare parts, can speed up the process by 5-7 times.

Initial data:

Tariff  Optimal
Domain Age  0 months
Promotion region Ukraine
Website indexing missing
Reference Profile missing
Internal optimization not conducted


Attendance 4 000
users per month
Number of orders 120 per month
Average check 1200 UAH
Advertising expenses 0 UAH


  • Index the maximum number of pages;
  • Get first traffic from search engines.


  • To carry out a set of measures for basic SEO-optimization of the site;
  • Prepare the online store for further promotion.

Design and security

The first thing we did was – moved the site to https://. The use of a secure data transfer protocol ensures that absolutely all users can access the site from any device. Read more about switching to https:// here:

The next step was to customize the design. We tried to make the template as unique as possible so that the design not only attracts users, but also does not raise questions from search engines.

Semantic core and directory structure

Specialization of the online store – original spare parts and analogues for any foreign cars without bias towards any of the product groups. The assortment includes over 400 000 items, each of which is available in the price lists of several suppliers at the same time. Given that there is no clearly defined product line, we decided to create a catalog using the reverse selection functionality. This made it possible to cover the maximum number of search queries: <name of the part>, <part for the brand>, <part for the brand, model>. For example: oil filter, Opel oil filter, Opel Astra oil filter.

With the participation of the client, about 200 product categories were brought together, which made it possible to create more than 30,000 additional landing pages and cover more than 150,000 low-frequency search queries.

New selection step and internal linking

In the base version, as suggested by the structure of the TekDoc, the make is followed by a clear indication of the model, taking into account the generation, for example, parts for Honda Accord VI AERODECK (CF) or parts for Honda Accord VI HATCHBACK (CH).

screenshot - 1

However, users, turning to search engines, use such refinements quite rarely. This is evidenced by Yandex.Wordstat statistics

screenshot - 2

At the same time, the number of impressions for keywords without specifications reaches 309 per month:

screenshot - 3

In order to attract additional traffic, we have changed the second step of selection from brand to spare part. After optimization, the second selection step looks like this:

screenshot - 4

Generation, as well as other parameters (year of manufacture, engine), the user selects on the next page. Based on calculations and our experience, this allows you to increase traffic by an average of 20% and get rid of a large number of pages that do not bring traffic.

In order to improve indexing, correct distribution of static weight within the site and, of course, for the convenience of the user relinking was partially implemented on the new page. The linking logic is as follows: page  model links to the model page in reverse lookup. That is,  The user, getting to the page of the model, gets the opportunity to go to the desired category of spare parts for his model, bypassing the TekDoc search tree.

Mass page optimization

In order to make all pages SEO friendly, we have developed a number of templates containing variables: car brand and model names, parts names, categories, SKUs, brands, etc..

A separate  template including:

  • Title;
  • Description;
  • Headings h1-h2;
  • Optimized text.

Website launch and first result

Having completed the first stage of work on basic SEO optimization, we opened the site for indexing. No more than 12 hours passed from the moment of opening to the first user.

In two months, we managed to achieve almost complete indexing of the site. The sitemap contains about 450 thousand pages, about 410 thousand are indexed.

Due to the wide coverage of low-frequency queries, site traffic has reached 4,000 thousand users per month. The online store successfully accepts and processes an average of 20-30 orders per week. Given that there are no additional advertising costs, the result can be considered more than excellent.

result screenshot

Of course, this is the merit of not only the Allzap team, but also the owner of the online store. After all, a lot depends on the size and quality of the assortment, compliance with the recommendations of SEO specialists and willingness to cooperate.

The potential of an online store running on Allzap CMS   is 3-4 thousand users per day, so we do not stop there!

Plans for the future

Site optimization – This is not a one-time event. Any online store, and especially such a  large and complex as a spare parts site, needs constant support from SEO specialists. There are many more interesting things ahead. In the short-term plans of our team:

  • Selection of priority landing pages and their manual optimization taking into account the semantic core;
  • Introduction of additional linking;
  • Working with external ranking factors;
  • Tracking changes in search engine algorithms and adjusting optimization methods;
  • Analysis of the results and development of a strategy for integrated promotion on the Internet.

We tried to describe the optimization process in as much detail as possible, however, many technical points were left behind the scenes. The principles of basic SEO are described in more detail in the article - SEO for an online auto parts store: the secrets of effective optimization.

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